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Weekend Thoughts

January 12, 2009

Great weekend. Church was great, speaking with some small group leaders was good, and the Steeler’s won!

Just wanted to give you a few thoughts about the upcoming week.

1. I will be writing some posts on small groups this week. That should be good…I love to talk about that.

2. I think it’s funny how sometimes Christians can think God is against them…He is not. He is for you and your success! The Father loves you and wants to be just that…Your Father! I think I need to hear this from time to time too.

3. The inauguration is less than ten days away…that is exciting stuff.

4. The Pitt Panther’s Basketball team is ranked #1 right now in the polls. For once in the past 7 years I think finally ranked them right. Over the past years they ranked them high, but I always thought they were over rated. The number one ranking I think is actually valid. We’ll see how they do.

5. For all those who care about me not drinking pop, or at least drinking less…I am doing better with it. I am cutting down to about a glass a day. For me that’s great! I think I should still have teeth at age 40.

Check back later for some more posts! Peace.

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