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An Exercise

December 30, 2008

A few weeks ago our first semester of the MCM Ministry School came to an end.  I listened to a lot of good teaching from teachers who are here in the states and speakers who came in from other countries. If you are considering being a missionary and don’t want to go through 4 years of sitting in classes and about $80,000 in debt you should consider the MCM Ministry School.

One of the days at the end of the semester Jeff Leake led the hour of prayer that happens every morning. But instead of going straight into prayer we spent time in worship and then he asked us to write out a prayer to God of what we are thankful for and what God has done in our lives.

I thought this would be a good exercise to do before the close of a year. Below are a few of mine. I pulled mine out of a prayer that I wrote to God. Check it out…then try it for yourself.

My wife- she is my absolutly best friend and the greatest support I could ask for.

Family and Friends- I love my parents. And then there are David and Nick who help me out with so much.

The three families who Abbie and I know pray for us all the time. The Pinney’s, Spencer’s and most recently the Hewitt’s. All of these people are amazing.

My job- I love the students that I get to work with, and it blows my mind that someone pays me to do it!

For the way God has taken care of me and Abbie financially over the past number of years. He constantly amazes me with how much He takes care of us on a day to day basis.

Those are just a few out of my prayer. Try writing a prayer to God today telling Him how much you are thankful for.

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  1. Chris permalink
    January 3, 2009 1:15 pm

    You guys rock! Wendy is much better than me at journaling and often writes our her prayers of thanks, praise and petition. One big plus – she can look back and see that many of her prayers have been answered. A great encouragement! Have a great 2009. We are really enjoying getting to know you.

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