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Clean House

December 28, 2008

I have been thinking about the Scripture passage today that is found in Luke 11: 24-26. It talks about how a demon is thrown out of a house and it roams around for a while and then comes back. Only it comes back and “finds the house swept and put in order,” then goes and gets seven more demons more evil than itself. They come back to dwell in that person and he or she  is worse than before.

Over and over again this has been in my mind.

It does no good to clean a house, get rid of all the junk you bring in from the outside, and then leave it empty. Clean and in order is good, but filled with the things of Jesus is better.

How many times does God teach us a lesson and we address the issue, but then only a few weeks after “spring cleaning” we fall into the same thing we were dealing with a few weeks back?

I want to learn the lessons that God has for me the first time… I want to keep my house clean and in order. But I also want to fill it with obedience to God, which keeps away the things of this world that bring me down.

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