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The second Part…

December 15, 2008

A few posts back I had written a post on honesty and leadership. Jeff Leake had some great things to say about it in his comment. I think he is one of the wisest people I know. Here is the second part to that to that original thought for what it’s worth

The second part to this issue is that “older” leaders have a tendency to not be really honest about who they are. I think they might not know how to be honest (just look at the Ceo’s of America’s car companies or Enron.)  There seems to be a sense of “we can’t let anyone in on our secret” and that type of leadership results in death. Business people, who lead like this, soon lose their leadership and end up just managing instead.

There are many reasons for leaders not being honest. Power, greed, losing their job, and pride. I am sure there numbers of other reasons for “older” leaders to not be honest, but to me one reason sticks out in particular. And that is… a lack of vision.

True leaders lead out. They are thinking ahead. Being a truly honest leader allows others to grab on to the leader. It allows people to grab onto the vision because they feel as though there are no walls or barriers in front of the leader they are following. As a leader is honest, the leader gains more followers and reaches the goal the much faster.

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