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December 4, 2008

What do Apple, Barack Obama, and tight jeans have in common?

All three are taking over the world!!!

Ok, the statement about taking over the world might not be exactly true (for some of you it might be) but I really don’t see it as that bad.

One of the things that I love to do besides be with my wife and hang out with my dog… is pay attention to trends. I like to try and stay up on what society is doing, saying, wearing and thinking. The above three are just a few things really taking the forefront in trends. Let me explain.

Apple has become a monster in the tech world. There are other good computers and MP3 players out there, it just seems as though the Macbooks and Ipods are killing everyone else. Even their software (IWork ‘08) seems to be better. Besides destroying everyone else on the technical side of things; products that Apple makes just seem to work better. Apple is taking over the world.

Barack Obama just won the presidential election on Nov. 4th. The fact that he was elected is historic. images1The way he won was ground breaking. His marketing was remarkable, in TV, radio, and on the web. The media covered his every move in a positive fashion. Some people who follow him don’t even know what he stands for; some people say HE doesn’t know what he stands for. Whatever the case, Obama is creating a movement that is and is going to be monumental. Obama is taking over the world.

Tight Jeans. Think about the progression of jeans. In the 80’s things couldn’t get any tighter! I mean we are talking about awkwardly tight. To jeans in the 90’s (and just pants in general) that you could fit multiple people in, remember the Jenco brand? Which brings us to today, where things are getting awkwardly tight again and again it is becoming accepted. I even own a few pairs of tight jeans. If you aren’t jumping on the band wagon, then you soon will because I think Obama and Apple are making it mandatory to wear tight jeans. Tight jeans are taking over the world.

What other trends are taking over the world? Let me know.

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  1. modmila permalink
    December 4, 2008 7:17 pm

    Three things I **love**!!! I have absolutely no problem with Apple, Obama, or tight jeans. Except on people who perhaps shouldn’t be wearing them.

    Tight jeans: I hate to admit, most of mine are. Then again, I am female, and I think most chicks wear tight jeans. I wonder sometimes if this affects my reproductive health! I’m sure it couldn’t be good for a guy in that respect.

    My favorite jeans in the 80s were Guess ankle zip skinnies. Funny how I *loved* skinny jeans in the 80s and still do today. But even the high-waisted jeans are tight. J Brand is my jean of choice (though I have many others), and they are known for the lycra content in their denim!

    One trendy brand that seems to have taken over the world (or at least is trying) is Ed Hardy. This is a trend that is revolting to me. As an aesthetic person and designer/stylist myself, I find the stuff truly hideous. Not only is it overdesigned (if you could say there is any design in the first place), but it is simply an eyesore. Not to mention all the look-alikes it has spawned, in places like Wal-Mart and Target. All because someone with really keen marketing strategy gave a few celebrities some free Ed Hardy stuff and they wore it on camera and now everyone has to have it because “Madonna wears it”. Make it stop!

  2. myrn permalink
    December 6, 2008 10:36 pm

    Just so you know even if you believe that Obama is taking over the world it doesn’t mean that we have to like it (cough cough)…just like tight jeans on guys can be a little disturbing. But we all should respect the future leader of this wonderful country even if we dont like him.

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