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Real Men

December 1, 2008

I decided to keep you updated on the book that I am reading about manhood and womanhood by John Piper. See the post on this date.

My favorite point that Piper makes in chapter two is this:

“Mature masculinity recognizes that the call to leadership is a call to repentance and humility and risk taking.”

…meaning that the call of leadership that we have on our lives as men is not to exalt ourselves over any woman. It is not a call to belittle a woman or “put her in her place.” Instead, the call of leadership is to make ourselves humble, to be “servant-leaders in ways that are appropriate to every different relationship to women.”

Piper says that the call to risk-taking means that men should definitely be doing certain things for the women in their lives: praying like we never have before, being in the word (constantly), not being given over to the emotion of the moment, and being tender-hearted and sensitive. Lastly (and quite possibly most importantly), Piper says that men must be ready to lay down their lives the way that Christ did for the church.

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