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Awkward Church…P3

November 25, 2008

So what about the person who is brand new to Christianity and church? What is awkward about coming into a place that is new? What kind of things would make them feel awkward and uncomfortable?

Here are something’s that I think can be awkward for guests.

First, would have to be the lack of normal greeters that most churches have. There are either no greeters at all, or there are greeters and you wonder: how in the world can someone be that happy? How about the fact that there is not enough signage in the church building. How in the world is the first time guest to find where they are supposed to go with out signs?! They already feel awkward arriving in a new place; imagine being lost or not know where to go in that new place.

Even if they make it to the sanctuary without any awkward encounters, they must still sit through the service where they will face meeting people who are EXTREMELY HAPPY (to someone coming from a negative outlook this is weird), sing songs that they have no clue what they are about (who wants to be asked “are you washed in the blood?”) and here a speaker “BRING THE ‘WORD,’ BROTHER!”

These are just a few things, among many, that can be awkward for a guest, or outsider. Can you think of any more obvious awkward spots in church?

I wrote this series of posts in order to give a fresh perspective to those who have been coming to our churches forever, and to those who have just walked through our doors.

Hope you enjoyed. Better yet… learned something.

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  1. November 25, 2008 3:24 am

    great post. I think one of the most awkward things in church is the “language”. Church uses so many words that fit Christians but make NO SENSE to those who have never been in that world. Is there a way to have a normal church?

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