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Awkward Church…P1

November 21, 2008
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What are some of the things that makes church feel awkward? What is it about the parking lot that makes you uncomfortable? As you walk into the “foyer,” “lobby” or “terminal” (if you attend a mega church) that makes you feel strange?
Then you enter the sanctuary or main room, find your seat, and sit down. In a few moments the service will start where you will be asked to stand, sing (songs that talk about stuff you don’t understand) sit back down, greet someone you don’t know and the listen to concepts that you are not yet ready to follow.

Maybe you’re the exact opposite of what I just mentioned, you walk into church every week and never think doors_2fabout what happens to you at church. You love Jesus and are glad to be with His people. You love to talk to people you don’t know, sing songs (as loud as you can) and listen to someone preach the “word”.

Over the next two posts I want to briefly walk through what it looks like for two different types of people who walk through our church doors.
I am not claiming to be the expert, the upcoming posts are just going to be my opinion.

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