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November 15, 2008

This past week, we had the privilege of having Johannes Amritzer teach in the MCM School which I go to. We were going through the book of Acts, which is very exciting when you believe that , the things that happened in the book should happen today!

At the end of the week, we took a look at the leadership of the first church and how leadership should look like today. I want to give you some of my thoughts that I got out of this week. If there are any leaders out there who would like to comment that would be great!

The best leadership model is Jesus Christ– can’t really argue with that one huh?

You need a good leadership team around you– Jesus gathered 12 and kept 3 really close to Him.  Do you think Jesus played favorites?

The leadership of the church should be organized– Following “the spirit” does not mean chaos!

You will be criticized when you are a leader– You must learn to take a beating and keep going. Some leaders need to grow a back bone and not get depressed by every comment that they hear.

Not every leader should be restored to leadership if they fall -The world mocks us( the western pentecostal church) when we restore fallen leaders. The Muslims don’t do this, the Hindus don’t do this, why would we?

Sometimes a good ten hour nap can create a miracle in you as a leader.


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  1. Peter Bess permalink
    November 17, 2008 12:17 am

    Well of course I’ve got no problem with that first one. Jesus was and is to this day and will forever be the best role model for every aspect of life.

    Your second point does take some consideration. Did Jesus play favorites? I argue no. Jesus knew His disciples. He knew their skills and their characters. Not every man or woman is up to the same tasks. I believe that Jesus knew which disciples were respected within their group and knew that these few would lead the church when He left. He did the responsible thing by setting up a form of hierarchy within the group. He did this for the strength of His followers.

    Organization is key. That is why the early church laid down rules for prophecy and other gifts of the Spirit. This way no one man could try to take over for his own benefit. Again, like I stated earlier I believe even Jesus set up a hierarchy within the disciples so that there would be order when He was gone.

    Criticism is a good and a bad thing. Many good lessons are learned from criticism. But at the same time when someone speaks out against you it hurts, there is discomfort, and the immediate reaction is to draw within yourself like a turtle within its protective shell. Remember though that Jesus was criticized for His teachings and His actions. The Pharisees rebuked Him for healing on the Sabbath. Did Jesus stop doing miracles? No, He took their criticism for what it was…maybe well-meant but wrong. As a leader you should have an open ear but a guarded heart. If you listen to your people (though you may disagree with them in the end) they will appreciate that you listened – if not then at least you are not at fault. Like Johannes said “Get Over It.”

    I agree whole-heartedly with this next point. Forgiveness is necessary but not every leader should return to their post once forgiven. We must be able to have men and women of character leading us, and we must be able to fully trust those we follow in life. That character and trust must be earned and tested. Love should be unconditional; forgiveness should be on our lips, but we cannot be expected to follow blindly. Any true leader would not expect those whom they have betrayed to follow them again, at least not immediately.

    And even Jesus knew that rest was important. He took naps on boats during storms. You will not do your members any good by wearing out or dying on them prematurely. Rest. Vacation. Use this time to grow yourself. Just because you are a leader does not mean you don’t need fed.

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