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Small Group Leaders Summit P2

November 10, 2008

On Saturday I was able to sit in on Mike Santistevan’s session on “How To Lead Others in Studying the Bible…For all it’s Worth.” This is was an excellent teaching on how you practically study the Bible. Now I have heard talks and been in classes where I was taught the right way to study, but Mike was truly excellent. Very clear and precise in his teaching. Here are some of his main points:

1. All scripture is inspired by God– (2 Tim 3:14-16) It must start with believing that simple truth, without it you can make the Bible mean whatever you want it to.

2. The person and work of Jesus Christ is the focal point of all scripture. While the Bible is able to make us wise for salvation, the scriptures in and of themselves cannot save us.  Studying the bible is not the end in and of it’s self, but it must deepen the relationship you have with Christ. That is the ultimate goal.

3. Determine the intent and discover the context of the author and situation.  It is very easy to take things out of context and twist what was originally intended.

Mike and his wife are lead pastors at Ambridge Christain Center, a young and growing church in the Pittsburgh area.

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  1. marksantistevan permalink
    November 11, 2008 3:27 am

    yay, mike!

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