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Some Challenges… P1

October 27, 2008

I want to talk about some challenges we face when we are called to reach people. Over the next few posts I will cover a few items that I think we  can do a better job at.

The first one I would like to address is our compassion for people. I believe the core of following Christ is having a heart for people. I know, I know it seems kind of obvious; but I think it is something that we need to be reminded of. It is very easy to get caught up in taking care of you and yours. We think that we have to get it 100% right before we can start caring about people and “doing the work of Christ,” when we should just get out there and show compassion to others all the time. But the compassion for others must be real and authentic; otherwise reaching people just won’t work.

As Christians, we should be moved towards compassion for people. Jesus is the best model for this. In Mark 1, we see Jesus walking with His disciples when a man with leprosy approaches Him. The man walks up to Jesus and says something to the effect of, “If you are willing, please heal me.” The next verse says that Jesus was moved with compassion towards the man, reached out to him, and touched and healed him.

I am so impressed by the way that Jesus reached out and touched the world He lived in. His heart and compassion for people simply can not to rivaled. This is the way that I want to live my life.

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